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Terms and Conditions

Any cost estimates given do not include insurance coverage. Shipments of horses involves numerous risks, including the risks that the animals will be refused entry, that they will be injured and the risk that they may die. As all carriers limit their liability, it is recommended that the owner insure the shipment for its actual value.

No claim or cause shall be asserted against Global Horse Transport, Inc., its agents or employees on account of any deterioration in the condition of the horse(s), injury to any of the horses, the death of any of the horses, any delays, or any refusal to permit the horse(s) entry into the country of destination or for any other reason due to or caused by acts or omissions, negligence or non-performance by any other person, carrier or other entity involved in any way in the shipment of the horse(s).

Any claims for damages on account of any acts or omissions of Global Horse Transport, Inc. or any of its employees or agents shall be limited to the amount of the agency fee actually paid.

If your animal is planned to ship in a "single stall" and it is deemed unsafe to ship in a "single stall" it may if space is available and conditions allow, it may be shipped in a "double stall" at the owner, agents or shippers expense. If this is not agreeable Global Horse Transport, Inc. must be notified in writing (letter or fax only) at least 5 days prior to shipment. It is agreed that in such case, the cost for air freight may be 2/3 of the pallet rate.

All claims regarding incorrect billing, overcharging or any other matter involving charges must be presented in writing within 21 days of shipment. If after, 21 days we have not received written notification it will be assumed charges are correct and accurate and no subsequent adjustment will be made to the charges.

Unless otherwise stated, payment to Global Horse Transport, Inc. is due in full upon receipt of invoice/shipment, etc. Amounts past-due are subject to a service charge equal to the lesser of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month and the maximum rate permitted by law. In the event it becomes necessary for Global Horse Transport, Inc. to bring suit against the consignor for breach of contract of any of Global Horse Transport, Inc.'s terms and conditions of trading, either for recovering of monies due or for damages incurred, Global Horse Transport, Inc. shall be entitled to recover, in addition to damages or recovery or monies due, attorney's fees and costs and disbursements of said suit.

Global Horse Transport, Inc. is not responsible for items shipped with any animal unless the items are manifested on the Air Way Bill. Many items must remain at USDA quarantine pending the release of horses. We have no control over these items and will not be held responsible.

The owner or shipper agrees to pay within ten days of notice, any and all levies, taxes, duties, or other charges which may be made to Global Horse Transport, Inc. in association or connection with this shipment.

Global Horse Transport, Inc. is authorized to act as the agent of the undersigned and to take all steps it deems appropriate in arranging for the shipment of the horse(s), including but not limited to the provision of any veterinary care it deems necessary. All costs will be paid by the shipper. This agreement may only be modified in writing.

The owner, shipper or agent is responsible for differences in estimates of foreign charges which are affected by exchange rates. It is agreed that Global Horse Transport, Inc. is due the actual amount ultimately paid to the foreign vendor based upon the actual cost of monies transferred to the foreign entity.
The owner/shipper/agent specifically requests and authorizes us to consolidate his/her animals in a shipment with other animals recognizing that other animals may cause delays in release of their animals. This results in lower shipping costs per animal. Clients may request that we ship only their animals but recognize that we have no control over airline operations and acceptance of other animals for the same flight.

In the event of refusal of entry of an animal into a country, the owner, agent, or shipper assumes full responsibility to all costs arising from such action including but not limited to: vanning delay charges, motel, hotel, phone charges, meals, car rental and possible return of the animal to country of origin. It is agreed that the USDA is the sole determiner of eligibility to ship and animals and their health certificates are reviewed by the USDA. If they decide, the animals are fit to ship and the documentation is adequate, the animals will be shipped and Global Horse Transport, Inc. is free of any and all liability in this regard.

Unless notified in writing to the contrary, you authorize us and our agents to administer tranquilizer, colic medication and other medicine deemed necessary for shipment of your animals. You recognize that a licensed veterinarian may not be the person to administer any drug and you accept all responsibility in these matters. Further, if the animal is insured you agree that you will discuss this matter with your insurance agent so that the administration of any drug is not prohibited by the terms of your insurance.

In the event of any dispute you agree to legal action in the State of New York whose laws shall apply to any agreement and contract regarding shipment.
Notification in writing must be by letter or fax. Such notification should be sent to Global Horse Transport, Inc. P.O. Box 358, Lindenhurst, NY 11757 or faxed to 631-957-4712. If sent by fax, in order to constitute proper notification, the sent fax must be acknowledged by Global Horse Transport, Inc. in a signed acknowledgement sent to the sender.

These Terms and Conditions of Global Horse Transport, Inc. are referenced on our Fax forms and other correspondence and by utilizing our services you agree to read and agree to these terms and conditions.

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